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I need to go on a yarn diet… June 16, 2007

Filed under: New Purchases — iamknit @ 10:20 pm

I have some MORE new purchases. Some of them were bought with a gift certificate, but still, I’m running out of room to hold everything.

Here’s what I bought:

New Purchases

From Winsor Button in Boston I bought 3 skeins of Berroco Pure Merino Heathers in Winter Chocolate. I’m going to use it for the “belt” I mentioned yesterday.

I also bought the rattan handles for the Suede knitting tote. There were kind of expensive but I hadn’t seen them in other stores. I found them online but by the time I paid shipping and handling it would have probably been a wash.

I also got a pretty blue button. It’s going to go on the Doctor’s tote.

Finally, I got the fabric I’m going to use for my brother’s High Street Messenger Bag. I bought it at Freddy Farkle’s Fabric Outlet in Watertown. It was really easy to find the solid black in a home decor weight; it was only$10.95/yard, but I couldn’t find something I really liked for the lining. I settled on the zebra print which was a steal at $8.50/yard. Altogether, $43.08 for the bag fabric. That’s pretty good considering I could have spent $35 on one yard someplace else.

I have to get back to my work on the Doctor’s tote. I’m determined to finish it this weekend! Pictures to follow


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