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On the needles… June 26, 2007

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I had a productive knitting weekend. Here’s a few of my works in progress.

The baby second baby dress (with the background of some pretty fabric):

Baby Dress 2

I think this dress is very cute-see one of my previous entries for the green one I made before; the problem is they take such a long time to make. Oh well.

I’m going away on vacation next week to Martha’s Vineyard (YAY!, the last time I went away was almost a year ago!) and I decided I wanted a sun hat. About a month ago I stumbled onto Anna Bell’s Witterings hat and absolutely loved it. Here’s the picture from her blog:


Here’s mind so far 🙂 (again with pretty fabric for a backdrop):

My Witterings


I decided against doing stripes, A. because I’m not a stripes person and B. because I strongly dislike (dare I say, hate) colorwork.

Unfortunately, the combination of very tight gauge, cotton and my first attempt at the “magic loop method” (YAY!) has really wrecked my hands and given me a blister. I would love to finish before I leave but it looks like I’ll finish while I’m away.


One Response to “On the needles…”

  1. danielle Says:

    i’m jealous of your mad knittin’ skillz.

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