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I’m back! -with lots of progress July 7, 2007

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Well, I’m back from my vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. What a nice trip! I did almost nothing-I wore no watch or makeup all week. It was great! I must say, even though I had a spectacular trip, I’ll be happy to be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

And now onto my knitting news:

I got a good start on the Cabled Blanket:

Blanket Progress

I only brought one skein of yarn and was able to complete 4inches. That means that I’ll have the EXACT amount of yarn I’ll need to complete the 32inch baby blanket.

Here’s a close up-just look at that stitch definition (I it):

Blanket Closeup

I also finished the knitting portion of my Witterings hat. It still needs to be blocked, hence the severely curled edges:


I must say, I’m concerned, apparently I have a HUGE head. Even thought I added two extra repeats to the top of the hat it’s still too small. Tomorrow I will give it a bath and then it’s blocking to the rescue! (or at least I hope).

Here’s a picture not being worn by a flower bush:

Witterings-pre blocking

I also made some progress on the commissioned baby dress. I’m supposed to have it done by now-I’m getting there:

Baby Dress Progress 1

And of course, a closeup, detail pic:

Baby Dress Progress 2

FINALLY-I made a purchase on the island (did you think I would go away without researching the LYS??) I bought the highly anticipated Norah Gaughan Volume 1.

norah gaughan, vol. 1 Eleanor’s search norah gaughan, vol. 1 Urban Layers

If you remember, I already have yarn for two projects from this book (and yes, I bought the yarn before the book even came out). I need to get some more of the baby dress under my belt and begin a few sewing birthday gifts and then maybe I can start one of them.

PHEW! That was a lot of updating. I have even more, including my first secret pal swapping, but I have been Friday Night Lights deprived for an entire week. One episode and then it’s off to bed for me.


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