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All packed up and ready to go! July 16, 2007

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What a day! I’m back from my meeting in Detroit. What’s my opinion of the Motor City you might ask? Well, I saw a highway (what they call the freeway) and an office park. All I can say is-you know you’re in the midwest when people ask you if you want a pop.

I’m very glad to be home. I woke up at 3:50 this morning and I got back around 7:45 tonight. Now, it’s 10 and I’m not feeling so much tired as sore. My bag was really heavy and I had to keep up with two men speed walking through an airport in heels. My shoulders feel horrible.
I got Cassady’s Red Swap Surprise all ready to go-it’s going in the mail tomorrow!

Red Swap Surprise

I’ll show you what’s in it once the package gets to her. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.


One Response to “All packed up and ready to go!”

  1. grace Says:

    your package went in the mail today, let me know when it arrives, I sent it priority!!!

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