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On hiatus… August 8, 2007

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Hi everyone-

Due to a family emergency I will be on hiatus from my blog for a while.

On Sunday night, my brother fell from the 3rd floor of his apartment building onto concrete. He was trying to break into his apartment because he was locked out.

He fractured his C4, C5, and C6 vertebrae, broke his cheek bone and had to get 6 staples in his head. He had surgery on Monday-they took out his C5 because it was shattered and pressing his spinal cord and replaced it with one from a cadaver. Then they put in a steel “splint” with 6 screws to stabilize his neck. As of right now he’s paralysed from the shoulders down.

He’s up at Dartmouth-Hanover Medical Center in Lebanon, NH. He was taken there by helicopter on Sunday night from Dover hospital.

As of right now I’ve been up and back twice. I slept there Sunday and last night. I’m actually at work today because I got into a very minor car accident myself on Friday and I need to get my car fixed but I’ll be going back up either tomorrow night or Friday morning through the rest of the weekend.

My schedule as of right now is completely up in the air but I will return soon-hopefully as the barer of better news.


4 Responses to “On hiatus…”

  1. rebecca Says:

    omg christina. i am so sorry. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..

  2. LuAnne Says:

    I am available anytime you want to hang or talk… and very close by.

  3. iamknit Says:

    Thanks RB and LK 🙂

  4. Hope Says:

    Christina I am so sorry to hear about your brother..I am glad to hear that he is doing a little better..you are in my thoughts and prayers

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