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The hand-dyed controversy and just what I’ve been looking for October 1, 2007

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First things first: hand-dyed yarn. For me, it’s a love/hate relationship. When it’s in a hank or even wound it looks so pretty and then you actually knit with it and the ever-hated “pooling” ensues.

Last week I was at the LYS near my office and I found Colinette Cadenza in the colorway Monet; gorgeous. I bought it, brought it home and decided to cast on Roam by Cosmicpluto herself, Laura Chau. So far, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m alternating between two hanks every 2-4 rows.

I think the combination of alternating hanks and seed stitch has really minimized the pooling; seen here:


Now, just what I’ve been looking for:
Awhile ago I came across the Phildar Swing Jacket Knitalong and fell in love when I saw this picture:


I looked and looked and looked and the only place I could find the pattern was at an online store in Canada. I almost gave in and bought it one day until I discovered that it cost more to ship the pattern to the US then it cost to buy the pattern.

Then today I got an e-mail from Little Knits and in it there was mention of some new Philar yarns they are carrying. Not only are they carrying the pattern I want, Phildar Tendances Autumn 06/07 BUT it’s 67% off; $5.99 vs $17.99.

I can’t wait until it gets here!


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