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Who knew? October 20, 2007

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I’m traveling to NYC again this week to visit the NY office. I decided since I’ll be there for a few days I should check out some LYSs; I’ve been to Purl and The Point before but I was looking for something new. It turns out Schoolhouse Press is one block away from the office. How did I not know this before? I’ve been to NYC 5 times for work since January and I never knew it was RIGHT THERE. It looks like 6th times a charm.

My brother’s benefit this weekend was a success and I was able to finish my Nantucket Jacket in time.

Knitting 040

I can’t say I’m completely thrilled with the results but I think it was a good first stab at a sweater for myself. Here are some issues I had:
1. It’s way too short for how wide it is. It needs to be about 5-10 inches narrower and about 6 inches longer. I think I should block it and see if I can squeeze some more length out of it.
2. I didn’t start the collar soon enough so it doesn’t have the shawl-like collar intended in the pattern. Should I rip out the top shoulders and do the collar again? probably. Am I going to? Hell NO. I’ll have to deal with that mistake.
3. I need to move the buttons in A LOT. Maybe if I move them in an inch it will narrow the body just slightly.
4. I’m not good at crochet and the edging around the whole neckline and button-band as well as the sleeves are crochet. It looks okay but I wish it were better. Luckily, I’m taking a crochet at my work LYS, Wild and Woolly, on November 4th.

Now for a WIP:
I’m making part of my Halloween costume this year. I started it on Thursday night while watching the Red Sox game and I’ll finish it while watching the game tonight. I have to keep the costume a secret until LK’s party 🙂 but here is what I have so far:

Knitting 044

I’ll show you what it looks like after next Saturday…


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