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Lots of goodies October 28, 2007

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It’s Sunday at 1PM and I’m already contemplating a nap. This morning Lara and I “ran” Bill’s Pizzeria 5K Road Race to benefit the Travis Roy Foundation. I’m glad we did it but I’m exhausted and sore.

This week’s trip to NYC was eventful for several reasons 😉 but here is net result knitting-wise:

I worked on the ribbing for Anais and it’s almost complete. Hopefully but the end of the day today I’ll be onto the body and get a better sense of whether or not my “knit in the round” planning will pan out.

Knitting 052

While I was in New York I hit up School Products yarn shop. I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed. Maybe after Purl and The Point everything else is just downhill.

Of course, this didn’t stop me from buying something. One of the nice things about the store is their selection of yarn cones by the pound. I bought some bulky superwash wool for just $12/lb. (for those of you non-knitters, that’s spectacular). I bought 2.98 lbs of a tan and 1.81 lbs of a royal blue.

Knitting 055

I’m pissed at myself because I walked right by Habu Textiles on my way there and didn’t even know it. Oh well-I guess this just means I’ll have to go back to the city.

Then yesterday I bought these:

Knitting 057

They’re perfect for handknit socks! Now if I could just finish the 2nd sock in a pair…

The Negative Knitter


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