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iamknit tries to crochet November 11, 2007

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It appears I have met my match; namely, crochet.

I took an intro to crochet class last Sunday. Here are my attempts at crocheting since then (they’re labeled by attempt):

Crochet attempts

As you can see, I definitely need (lots of) practice. In an effort to not embarrass myself further, I will refrain from sharing until I’ve become a master.

Over the past week, in addition to my crochet attempts I’ve made some progress on two of my WIPs.

Knitting 063

and Roam:

Knitting 058

Even though I’d like to actually finish one before I start something else, I need to think about x-mas knitting. I think I’m going to start a cardigan for baby G.

That’s all for now.

The Negative Knitter (not crocheter)


2 Responses to “iamknit tries to crochet”

  1. Hope Says:

    x tina I think your attempt at crochet looks good! I am impressed. 🙂

  2. danielle Says:

    i want that hat. the black one.


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