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OK, it’s not that bad November 24, 2007

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So it turns out my crocheting was so bad because I was using a really inelastic cotton. I finished up this really simple black hat and I had a ton of yarn left over so I decided to swatch with it (for this free pattern I got at Michaels):

Bernat Hat

I started the hat yesterday and finished it up this morning; who knew crochet was so fast?! (apparently, everyone but me)

Here’s a dorky bathroom picture of the finished product:


Let’s see, what else have I been up to?…
-I bought Son of a Stitch n’ Bitch; possible projects to follow
-A stripped cardigan for my goddaughter for x-mas
-A breast cancer awareness scarf for my friend’s mom who just had a double mastectomy two weeks ago. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

It looks kind of icky at the moment, but I will block it within an inch of it’s life when I’m done.

I’ll leave you this holiday weekend with this picture; I’m so gangsta:


The Negative Knitter


2 Responses to “OK, it’s not that bad”

  1. LuAnne Says:

    oh my little negative knitter looks so cute in her gangsta hat. you just need a red kerchief to be wrapped around your head underneath this hat.

  2. Hope Says:

    I love the last pic it looks very gansta great hat! HEKD

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