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Where have I been? February 6, 2008

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Really, I have no excuse other than laziness (and that I dropped my digital camera so I can’t take any new pictures). Luckily, a few things are going my way and not only do I have some content reserved but the lovely Lara has let me borrow her old digital camera until I get mine repaired.

So where to begin? How about the play by play of my first hand painted yarn project? It’s the Four Corners Headband from Knitscene, Winter 2007/Spring 2008.

First I made the 5 squares and 2 triangles(motifs); I made them with Cascade 220 but if I did it again I’d use a yarn that’s meant to be dyed. They were really quick; all 7 took the length of a football game.

Knitting 108

The motifs bathed in some wool wash mmm… bubbles…

Knitting 110

Then they soaked in a vinegar/water mixture

Knitting 111

I mixed my colors (sage and brown; I was going for an “earthy” theme) using Wilton frosting dyes and used the straws to paint the motifs

Knitting 112

Then the painted motifs steamed in the microwave. I have to say, I was kind of afraid that it was going to blow up but rest assured everything turned out okay

Knitting 114

Here’s what they looked like post steam. At this point I was really afraid that it was coming out hideously (and yes, Rebecca, that’s a plastic Hello Kitty plate)

Knitting 115

I also had to dye and steam some yarn to attach the motifs together

Knitting 116

Once all the yarn dried I put it all together and got this:

Knitting 121

Not bad.

I like the over all look of the headband however my color choice ended up looking more camo than earthy. I have some other dyes so I may try again.

All together, a great project (especially for new crocheters like me).

Next time, I’ll feature some pictures of WIPs that are now FOs and this weekend I’ll get some photography under my belt.

That’s it for now. Yup, I’m getting sick again.

The Negative Knitter


One Response to “Where have I been?”

  1. rebecca Says:

    love the plate! can’t you dye the headband again? till you get it to look like you want?

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