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Finally!-I’m back June 14, 2008

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I’m a horrible blogger-I know. Three months without any posts is unacceptable.

I’ve been working in a lot of projects but I haven’t been taking pictures (until today).

For Lara’s birthday, this past Monday, I made her the tea cozy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Knitting 002

I originally intended to make it with a single skein of teal Ultra Alpaca but I ran out of yarn, frogged it and had to start again. Here’s the good thing: I used some yarn I already had (YAY! stash busting) and this yarn is superwash. I ended up having to use twice the amount of yarn, because I double-stranded, but I think the end result is better; it’s a much tighter gauge and I think it will do a better job of insulation.
Here’s some of the top detailing:


Knitting 004

Folds and seaming:
Knitting 003

I bought the teapot from The Tealeaf in Waltham and I put a gift certificate to the store inside. The store is really cute and not only can you buy tea there but it’s also a tea room.

Knitting 005

I’ve been working on more but in the interest of conserving content for future posts, I’ll leave you here.

More to come.

The negative knitter


One Response to “Finally!-I’m back”

  1. kirby Says:

    Cute teapot cozie!!!

    Don’t worry, I’ve been a horrible blogger lately, not just in not posting but my posts as of late have been truly boring. haha

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