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Wedding knits June 17, 2008

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On September 6th, I have the privilege to be maid of honor in my friend, Heather’s, wedding. Upon her request (and a little bit of my suggestion) I am knitting her garter. I looked for several patterns online and settled on the pattern worn by Frecklegirl, of Ravelry, fame:


I’m using a very fine gauge crochet thread which I thought would take forever but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Knitting has gone relatively quickly and I started early (which is key) so that I can pace myself. Here’s what I have so far:

Knitting 008

I know it looks kind of icky so far but, as with almost all knit lace, it will have to be blocked later. In fact, this pattern suggests washing, blocking and then heavily starching so that it holds it’s shape.

Also, rather than green I will use navy ribbon as navy and off-white are the wedding colors.

I have a couple more projects in the works and even a few that were completed over the past few months. Stay tuned…

The negative knitter


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