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Smock it to me July 12, 2008

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Whenever I think of knitting a sweater, wool and long sleeves always come to mind but there’s nothing like a lap full of wool when it’s 90 degrees outside to make me contemplate some lighter projects. So last March, at the Fabric Place’s semi-annual knitters breakfast, when I saw this ‘Smock Top’ I thought it would be the perfect summer project:

The yarn is a beautiful cotton/bamboo blend and most importantly (at least in the summer) much lighter than wool. Rather than pink I decided to go for a cooler slate blue and I am trying to make progress so that I might be able to wear the sweater before the summer is over… so far it’s not looking too good

Knitting 006

One side note: this picture of the back was taking a while ago, but it still isn’t complete.

I’ve been distracted by other projects (some how that always happens) and I think despite my very best efforts,  I may not be the best “sweater knitter” candidate. Still in denial, I will push through this sweater and will myself to complete it and, I’m sure, many more.

I leave you with a detail shot of the cabling-what, in my opinion, makes the entire piece:

Knitting 007

Stay tuned for updated birthday and wedding knits.
Until next time…

The Negative Knitter

p.s. next Friday: Batman beginsreturns… dark knights!


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