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We’re back in business! March 5, 2008

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My camera is officially fixed and back in my possession! YAY!


We’re back in business. Let the blogging begin!


Mr. Boston, Juno and a hat December 31, 2007

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I know I promised that after Christmas I would post all my knit Christmas gifts; but what can I say? I’m a liar.

Last night, Lara and I went to see Juno:


Awesome movie, I would highly suggest.

While we were waiting in line to buy tickets I noticed Mr. Boston, (from I ❤ New York) Lee and his twin brother, Mark, who was in my sophomore yearn philosophy class at BC.


Let me tell you, when I first saw him on the show I was very confused; his voice was really high and I totally didn’t remember him sounding like that in class. Turns out: they’re twins. When I got home I pulled some ghetto stalking moves and looked him up on MySpace. It turns out they went to my rival high school.

I’m still on my crotcheting kick and I’ve made myself another hat. To go along with my “I’m so gangsta” hat I’m calling this one:

“I’m so rasta(farian)”

Knitting 122

The color is really ugly; old gold, but I kind of like it. The pattern shows a button on the crown in the back. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add one or not.

Here are some obligatory bathroom mirror shots:

Knitting 117 Knitting 119

I also made this scarf with the same ugly yarn. It’s called “one skein scarf.” Too bad the name is deceiving and I still have more ugly yarn left over.

Knitting 105

ANNND, because I need to end ever post on a negative note; I think I’m getting sick.

The Negative Knitter