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The hand-dyed controversy and just what I’ve been looking for October 1, 2007

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First things first: hand-dyed yarn. For me, it’s a love/hate relationship. When it’s in a hank or even wound it looks so pretty and then you actually knit with it and the ever-hated “pooling” ensues.

Last week I was at the LYS near my office and I found Colinette Cadenza in the colorway Monet; gorgeous. I bought it, brought it home and decided to cast on Roam by Cosmicpluto herself, Laura Chau. So far, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m alternating between two hanks every 2-4 rows.

I think the combination of alternating hanks and seed stitch has really minimized the pooling; seen here:


Now, just what I’ve been looking for:
Awhile ago I came across the Phildar Swing Jacket Knitalong and fell in love when I saw this picture:


I looked and looked and looked and the only place I could find the pattern was at an online store in Canada. I almost gave in and bought it one day until I discovered that it cost more to ship the pattern to the US then it cost to buy the pattern.

Then today I got an e-mail from Little Knits and in it there was mention of some new Philar yarns they are carrying. Not only are they carrying the pattern I want, Phildar Tendances Autumn 06/07 BUT it’s 67% off; $5.99 vs $17.99.

I can’t wait until it gets here!


Look what I got!… September 20, 2007

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…from Ravelry


It’s a Ravelry beta t-shirt.

Well-I ordered it anyway. It’ll be here in 6 weeks or so.

As for knitting-I don’t have much news. Work have been stressful recently for more reasons than one and the past two nights I’ve been hospital duty.

Knitting 058

Here’s the finished the back of my Nantucket Jacket and I’m about 1/3 done with the right front.


On a deadline September 8, 2007

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It’s been a while. I finally got my invite to Ravelry and now I’m addicted. I already have 156 new projects in my queue.

May I’ve spent a little bit too much time on Ravelry because I’m still not done with the baby cable blanket for my boss. I’ve completed almost 5 skeins but I still have 3 to go. The problem is, my boss’ shower is on Monday and the blanket still needs to be blocked.

Here’s what I have so far:

Knitting 034

I’m going to get working on it now but I have a feeling it will end up being smaller than originally intended.


I thought today was my day… August 27, 2007

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I got to work this morning around 11:30, after a meeting with one of my clients, I did my antsy check on Ravelry and guess what? there were 0 people ahead of me in line. The next thing I did was check my gmail to look for my invite.


I check again and again and again. Nothing. I went to the antsy check again to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me; they weren’t, still 0. I even checked my spam folder to see if it got caught in there.

Now it’s after 10 and there’s still no invite 😦 Maybe tomorrow…

Yesterday was my brother’s 21st birthday. Here we are:

Justin's Birthday

We had a nice day at the hospital; lots of family, presents, lunch and cheesecake. I know that it wasn’t the 21st birthday he was expecting but I hope he still had a good time.

Now, for my knitting news:

I know I don’t ever need to buy yarn again, but really, who am I kidding? I was in my LYS near work to buy buttons for Gianna’s jumper and I saw these:


I had to have them. First of all, Lorna’s Laces, how could I turn it down? It’s a gorgeous color and I don’t think I have any other yellow yarn. I can’t wait to finish some of my WIP so I can get going on some socks.

I’ve also made some good progress on the baby blanket for my boss’ baby shower:

Blanket Progress

That is about 3.5 skeins. I still have 4.5 to go and then some serious blocking. The shower is on 9/5 so I need to get my act together.


There’s something wrong with this picture July 26, 2007

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So much for having the jumper done by tomorrow; I had to stay at the office late every night this week and had almost no time for knitting. (Plus, there was a little hiccup)

Here is the beginning of the smocking earlier this week. It definitely didn’t look right; in fact it looked horrible.

Baby Jumper

Needless to say, I frogged all of the smocking and tried again.

Here’s my progress as of last night:

Baby Jumper 2

It still doesn’t look exactly right but at least it looks uniform. That’s better than nothing I guess. I’m still looking to finish this weekend. More pictures to follow.

On another note: I am so happy that the Fall issue of Interweave Knits is coming out soon. Here are the two projects I’m eyeing:

This one is from the unbelievably talented Norah Gaughan. When does this woman sleep? seriously? She’s got her book, Knitting Nature, her new booklet for Berroco and she’s got gorgeous patterns all over the place. I’m pretty sure she’s my hero.


I really like the vest, too. (It’s actually one of the free patterns) Too bad I am horrible at color work. Maybe this will give me the inspiration to get better at it.


Next time I hope to have at least one FO. Wish me luck!


Instant gratification all around… July 22, 2007

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What a weekend-I have lots of knitting news.

First, in Red Color Swap news, Cassady received her package from me on Friday. Here’s her picture of what was inside:

Color Swap 2

AND I received my Red Color Swap package from the more than generous Grace:

Color swap 1

She even included a copy of her Diamond and Lace pattern from elann. Thank you, Grace 🙂
On Friday, I discovered a knitting store that I had never heard of before, Creative Warehouse. It’s only about 20-25 minutes from apartment. I can’t believe I never knew about it before. Here’s even better news: they’re having a side-walk/ tent sale next Friday and Saturday! (July 27+28)

I originally went out with the intention of getting yarn for the Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene Fall 2006 and I found what I thought was an inexpensive alternative to Tahki Donegal Tweed, some discontinued Reynolds Mandalay in a dark olive green on sale for $5/skein.

Central Park Hoodie

In all the excitement, I temporary went insane and thought that I needed 9-10 50g skeins, which is what I bought. What I really needed was either 9-10 100g skeins or 18-20 50g skeins. (I didn’t figure all this out until late Friday night). So, originally I thought I’d head back over there today and see if they have anymore in the same dye lot. Then, I came up with an alternative: using the yarn for the Stacy Pullover from Big Girl Knits:

Stacy Pullover

(the color looks more green than brown in better light)
My plan is to go to the sale at Creative Warehouse next week and if they have more in the right dye lot I’ll buy it and make the Central Park Hoodie, if not, plan B.
Finally, some news on WIP:
I’ve steadily been working on my Dalegarn baby dress but process is very slow. I started getting bored and decided I needed some instant knitting gratification so I started Bonnie for my goddaughter, Gianna:


Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:


The little duck hasn’t been sewn on yet but it will be when the jumper is done. I bought it back in February at M&J Trimming when I was on a business trip in NYC.

It’s a pretty quick knit so I hope I get it done before I see Baby G on Friday.


I never have to eat again… July 18, 2007

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First, look at what I received at work yesterday:


5 magazines from Interweave Knits 5 for 4 sale or, as Roc from my work called them, my porn.

That’s about it for my knitting news. I’m still working on the Dalegarn baby dress but it’s really slow. The dress is 240 stitches around and the yarn’s gauge is 32 stitches/inch. I’ll have an updated picture in my next post.

Now onto my dinner:

Tonight my friend, John, and I celebrated our 10 year Friendiversary (it was actually back on May 24th but we couldn’t get our act together) and we went to La Campania in Waltham. Here is what I had:

Some sort of soft fried cheese on a bed of prosciutto made especially for us (John’s family knows the head chef and he served us all our food personally)

Hand-Cut Potato Gnocchi “Trifolati”
w/ Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Shaved “Crotonese” Cheese, Drizzle of White Truffle Oil and he also added another gnocchi in a meat sauce with vegetables

Oak Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Neapolitan Potato “Gateau”, Grilled King Oyster Mushroom, Black Truffle “Carpaccio” and Cream Reduction

an incredibly expensive bottle of wine


Hot Chocolate Soufflé
w/ Vanilla Bean Gelato and Hot Chocolate Ganache’

Like I said, I never have to eat again…