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Where have I been? February 6, 2008

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Really, I have no excuse other than laziness (and that I dropped my digital camera so I can’t take any new pictures). Luckily, a few things are going my way and not only do I have some content reserved but the lovely Lara has let me borrow her old digital camera until I get mine repaired.

So where to begin? How about the play by play of my first hand painted yarn project? It’s the Four Corners Headband from Knitscene, Winter 2007/Spring 2008.

First I made the 5 squares and 2 triangles(motifs); I made them with Cascade 220 but if I did it again I’d use a yarn that’s meant to be dyed. They were really quick; all 7 took the length of a football game.

Knitting 108

The motifs bathed in some wool wash mmm… bubbles…

Knitting 110

Then they soaked in a vinegar/water mixture

Knitting 111

I mixed my colors (sage and brown; I was going for an “earthy” theme) using Wilton frosting dyes and used the straws to paint the motifs

Knitting 112

Then the painted motifs steamed in the microwave. I have to say, I was kind of afraid that it was going to blow up but rest assured everything turned out okay

Knitting 114

Here’s what they looked like post steam. At this point I was really afraid that it was coming out hideously (and yes, Rebecca, that’s a plastic Hello Kitty plate)

Knitting 115

I also had to dye and steam some yarn to attach the motifs together

Knitting 116

Once all the yarn dried I put it all together and got this:

Knitting 121

Not bad.

I like the over all look of the headband however my color choice ended up looking more camo than earthy. I have some other dyes so I may try again.

All together, a great project (especially for new crocheters like me).

Next time, I’ll feature some pictures of WIPs that are now FOs and this weekend I’ll get some photography under my belt.

That’s it for now. Yup, I’m getting sick again.

The Negative Knitter


Mr. Boston, Juno and a hat December 31, 2007

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I know I promised that after Christmas I would post all my knit Christmas gifts; but what can I say? I’m a liar.

Last night, Lara and I went to see Juno:


Awesome movie, I would highly suggest.

While we were waiting in line to buy tickets I noticed Mr. Boston, (from I ❤ New York) Lee and his twin brother, Mark, who was in my sophomore yearn philosophy class at BC.


Let me tell you, when I first saw him on the show I was very confused; his voice was really high and I totally didn’t remember him sounding like that in class. Turns out: they’re twins. When I got home I pulled some ghetto stalking moves and looked him up on MySpace. It turns out they went to my rival high school.

I’m still on my crotcheting kick and I’ve made myself another hat. To go along with my “I’m so gangsta” hat I’m calling this one:

“I’m so rasta(farian)”

Knitting 122

The color is really ugly; old gold, but I kind of like it. The pattern shows a button on the crown in the back. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add one or not.

Here are some obligatory bathroom mirror shots:

Knitting 117 Knitting 119

I also made this scarf with the same ugly yarn. It’s called “one skein scarf.” Too bad the name is deceiving and I still have more ugly yarn left over.

Knitting 105

ANNND, because I need to end ever post on a negative note; I think I’m getting sick.

The Negative Knitter


UPDATED: MIA December 15, 2007

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You may be thinking to yourself, where is x-tina? Did she stop knitting?

No, I haven’t stopped (are you crazy?) but I’m in prime time x-mas knitting and I can’t share any of those projects because most of the recipients read this blog 🙂 You’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what I’m up to.

In the mean time, I’m selling off some of my yarn to pay off the excise tax on my car 😉 so if you’re in the market for some yarn check this out (or here, on Destash*)

Jaeger Trinity 4 skeins $20

Knitting 091

Misti International Pima Cotton/Silk 4 skeins $28 SOLD

Knitting 093

Classic Elite Montera 2 skeins $15

Knitting 096

Berroco Cotton Twist 1 skein $3

Knitting 097

Berroco Softwist 3 skeins $12

Knitting 099

Rowan Rowanspun Chunky 2 skeins $18 SOLD

Knitting 100

Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair 1 skein $5.50

Knitting 101

Louisa Harding Fauve 1 skein $7

Knitting 102

Bernat Berella 4 Solids 2 skeins $2.50

Knitting 103

Araucania Nature Wool 2 skeins $15

Knitting 020

Misti Alpaca Chunky 1 skein $10

Knitting 050

Cherry tree Hill Potluck Bulky 2 skeins $16


Noro Cash Iroha Magenta 10 skeins $80

Knitting 043

Noro Cash Iroha Dark Powder Blue 5 skeins $40

Knitting 040

Louet Euroflax Originals 2 skeins $30

Knitting 043

Berger du Nord Charmant 2 skeins $15

Knitting 080

Berroco Air 10 skeins = 1150.0 yards $70

Knitting 084

Berroco Foliage 4 skeins = 400.0 yards $20

Knitting 079

Classic Elite Patina 14 skeins = 1512.0 yards $70

Knitting 085

Crystal Palace Merino Frappe 8 skeins = 1120.0 yards $48

Knitting 076

Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton 3 skeins = 279.0 yards $13

Knitting 088

Filatura Di Crosa Zarella 6 skeins = 726.0 yards $30

Knitting 087

Reynolds Saucy Sport 7 skeins = 861.0 yards $15

Knitting 078

Valley Yarns Southwick 1 skein = 105.0 yards $3

Knitting 015

Valley Yarns Southwick 1 skein = 105.0 yards $3

Knitting 016


OK, it’s not that bad November 24, 2007

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So it turns out my crocheting was so bad because I was using a really inelastic cotton. I finished up this really simple black hat and I had a ton of yarn left over so I decided to swatch with it (for this free pattern I got at Michaels):

Bernat Hat

I started the hat yesterday and finished it up this morning; who knew crochet was so fast?! (apparently, everyone but me)

Here’s a dorky bathroom picture of the finished product:


Let’s see, what else have I been up to?…
-I bought Son of a Stitch n’ Bitch; possible projects to follow
-A stripped cardigan for my goddaughter for x-mas
-A breast cancer awareness scarf for my friend’s mom who just had a double mastectomy two weeks ago. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

It looks kind of icky at the moment, but I will block it within an inch of it’s life when I’m done.

I’ll leave you this holiday weekend with this picture; I’m so gangsta:


The Negative Knitter


iamknit tries to crochet November 11, 2007

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It appears I have met my match; namely, crochet.

I took an intro to crochet class last Sunday. Here are my attempts at crocheting since then (they’re labeled by attempt):

Crochet attempts

As you can see, I definitely need (lots of) practice. In an effort to not embarrass myself further, I will refrain from sharing until I’ve become a master.

Over the past week, in addition to my crochet attempts I’ve made some progress on two of my WIPs.

Knitting 063

and Roam:

Knitting 058

Even though I’d like to actually finish one before I start something else, I need to think about x-mas knitting. I think I’m going to start a cardigan for baby G.

That’s all for now.

The Negative Knitter (not crocheter)


I forgot to show you my halloween project! October 30, 2007

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Here it is:

Knitting 049

I was hello kitty 🙂

After I took this picture I crocheted a single chain around the ears to make them look more even.

Here’s the hat in action:


(yes, I’m wearing a corduroy jumper)

The Negative Knitter


Lots of goodies October 28, 2007

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It’s Sunday at 1PM and I’m already contemplating a nap. This morning Lara and I “ran” Bill’s Pizzeria 5K Road Race to benefit the Travis Roy Foundation. I’m glad we did it but I’m exhausted and sore.

This week’s trip to NYC was eventful for several reasons 😉 but here is net result knitting-wise:

I worked on the ribbing for Anais and it’s almost complete. Hopefully but the end of the day today I’ll be onto the body and get a better sense of whether or not my “knit in the round” planning will pan out.

Knitting 052

While I was in New York I hit up School Products yarn shop. I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed. Maybe after Purl and The Point everything else is just downhill.

Of course, this didn’t stop me from buying something. One of the nice things about the store is their selection of yarn cones by the pound. I bought some bulky superwash wool for just $12/lb. (for those of you non-knitters, that’s spectacular). I bought 2.98 lbs of a tan and 1.81 lbs of a royal blue.

Knitting 055

I’m pissed at myself because I walked right by Habu Textiles on my way there and didn’t even know it. Oh well-I guess this just means I’ll have to go back to the city.

Then yesterday I bought these:

Knitting 057

They’re perfect for handknit socks! Now if I could just finish the 2nd sock in a pair…

The Negative Knitter